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bailing you out (for dial_a_psychic)

He'd had to request a few days special leave to make the trip up to Ontario from Chicago. Neither the Inspector nor Constable Fraser seemed particularly worried that his presence would be missing for a couple of days. In some ways they seemed keen to let him go.

He wasn't especially thrilled to find himself back over the border, but at least it wasn't Alberta. And, if nothing else, it was good to be needed by a friend. He'd been floundering a little lately. He was obviously a spare wheel in his workplace, and Ray didn't need him, Ollie didn't need him, Evan didn't need him... and there his already sad list drew to a close. He wasn't going to count animals, he wasn't that desperate, today.

But Shawn needed him! And the Queen, apparently... And that made him smile. The part about his friend, not the Queen, of course Her Majesty needed him...

As soon as he had booked into the cheap hotel he'd found at the last minute, he made his way over to the station that Shawn was being held at, the bail money already withdrawn from his savings. He proudly introduced himself to the nice young woman on the front desk, clearly identifying himself as a member of the RCMP. As another young officer led him to the holding cells, he cheerfully offered him some maple candy he'd picked up at the airport.

for sixwordstories

Anyone know Gene, the Marine Biologist?


for sixwordstories

I didn't really deserve it anyway.


for sixwordstories

Think I dreamed he was alive.


for sixwordstories

Fighting over a girl. That’s new…



for sixwordstories

Fall leaves remind me of home.


Finding Out

No one told you?

He clutches the notebook to his chest and glances around the room. He’d expected there to be people around, but the lights are up and there’s no music. There should be music. He was late, thought he’d have to wait until the band were taking a break.

They haven’t found his body yet.

The Detective ex-Detective gives him one of those looks. He’s seen them before, a million times over; the soft head tilt, the full eyes that search his face. Looking for some sign that something’s registering, that something’s sinking in. What’s he supposed to be understanding? It’s comforting, though, knowing that the other man is waiting for a reaction, holding back and cushioning the words.

You were his friend, weren’t you?

It had been so hard to write the song. Country is his forte, but he’d been brushing up on the genre, coming to gigs every week to get a feel for the style, a taste for Ollie’s voice. He chose the words so carefully, thinking about how they would sound carried on his voice, the shape they would make in the air.

It was finally ready to show him tonight. He hoped to maybe even hear a little of it in a rough form, perhaps hang out with his friend backstage “jamming” after the club closed.

We’re having a memorial night in a few days time if you want to come, man.

He’d really expected there to be more people. Broke Even are such a popular band.


It’s a shame. Ollie deserves a full house every night.


But maybe that would be okay. Maybe they could work on the song out front with a few drinks instead. That would be nice.

Do you need to sit down?

The One Liner looks so different with the lights up.

Turnbull? Do you understand?

“When are the band coming out?”

... Ollie’s dead.

Shaking. The leaves of the notebook rustle as he holds it up.

“I want to show him my song.”



ooc: Dress up Ray

The mun has been AWOL in Toronto for the last week at the RCW 139 Due South convention \o/ Sadly, there was no Ren actor in attendance *coughs*lapdog kept on a short lead*coughs* :( There was however Ray Vecchio actor, so mun and muse were both very happy ^_^

There was also a "dress up Ray" doll. Which kept the mun very entertained. You were encouraged to draw backgrounds to pose him in... Really, who could resist drawing Ren's bedroom when the chance presented itself?



Googlism.com meme

Go to Googlism.com
Search your name/nickname. (Make sure WHO is selected).
Copy and paste the best ones.

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turnbull is that rare commodity


Fish shopping (for dial_a_psychic)

All in all, going to Santa Barbara is probably the wisest decision he's made in some time. Things seem so much wetter and greyer in Chicago. Ren's not a sun worshiper by any stretch of the imagination, in fact, he made sure to put plenty of sun protection cream on before leaving the hotel room today, but there's no doubt that a little sunlight does a lot to lighten a person's spirits. There's too much to think about back in Chicago right now; it's good to just be allowed to push his worries out of his mind for a while.

He's waiting outside a large petstore for Shawn to arrive. He already checked to make sure they had a good selection of fish to choose from before arranging the meeting. Somehow, he had a feeling that if there wasn't plenty of choice for the psychic, there would be a good chance that Psych would end up with a "house" rabbit chewing up computer wires and leaving little presents for clients, rather than a soothing tank of fish in the waiting room.

He's looking forward to this. He loves any opportunity he gets to indulge his passion.